Sit down and relax, while our entertaining service teams presenting you our extensive drink list and explaining your Au Lac Do Brazil Dining Experiences.

The journey begins with the best aperitif Brazilian National Cocktail “CAIPIRINHA” to prepare your appetite for a meat feast.

Once you choose your options, your experience will start on our gourmet salads, fresh cut vegetables and delectable traditional Brazilian side dishes.

Our professional and skilled meat waiters “PASSADORS” will begin the trip of our specialty fire roasted meats that are served directly to your plate and all meats, salads and sides will be replenished throughout the meal.

A coaster card with green on one side and red on the other indicates to the waiters whether you would like more food, the green side indicates the waiters that your appetite has yet to be quenched, while the red side shows that you had more than fair share for now. It is not until all the coaster cards on the table are turned red that waiters will stop bringing food to the table.

At last to compliment your dining experience try our signature Passion Fruit Mouse Dessert, this will complete an impressive and amazing journey that you will never forget.



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