Mr. NatiBoy

“Great Meat, Great Service…Carnivores welcomed!”
I rate places based on what they are…if you want an excellent selection of meats that come as often as you’d like, this place is fantastic. I am always cautious about meat in VN, but this place put me at ease. From the beginnin we had a great table with great service and best of all the selection of meat was superb. Lamb, beef, pork (ribs and loin), sausage, ham…you get the idea. Everything was HOT and the waiters who delivered the meat sliced them with professional precision. The meat is melt in your mouth.

There is the obligatory salad, bread and dessert (try the passion friut pudding), but the star of the show is the meat. Drinks are great too, but on the pricey side. But look, you’re going there to have a great time with friends so splurge. Otherwise Lotteria is down the street. My total meal (drinks dessert incl) was ~$50USD (1.1 Mil VND). Most places like this in other countries are in the 1.4Mil VND range so prices are STILL cheaper in Vietam. Yeah!

Speaking of friends, the atmosphere in the place is really cool. The outside is lit up with a neon sign and the bar area looks to be the place to hang out. Upstairs (where we were) were several tables including large areas for big groups. I would not recommend this place for a romantic dinner (my group was 4 guys), but if everyone is hungry and likes meat, it is a great time with friends and family.