Ms. Almira Catada

“Best Meat and Best BBQ in town!”

I have been living in Vietnam since September 2012 with my husband and my son. We were visited by my brother-in-law and his girlfriend for the Labour day holiday. Since we would like to make their visit a memorable one, we decided to have a flavourful and heavy lunch in one of the finest Brazilian resto in Saigon.. Au Lac Du Brazil!
We we’re given the best seat in the house, comfortable chairs, enough breeze during the summer heat and since my 7-yr old son is with us, we we’re given a non-smoking table which for me is just perfect ^_^. Staff are approachable, friendly and can speak English (very rare in Saigon). I asked the manager, Jay to help me surprise the girlfriend of my brother and they are more than willing to prepare a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her.

We were first served fresh salads, we love almost all the meat served. I personally love tender beef which I learned the name was PCINHA, the Ham and grilled fresh pineapple, my brother’s fave is the shrimp rolled in bacon, the tasty chicken wings.seafood, and my son’s favorite are mostly all of it, particularly the pepper sauce to match everything we were served! We were also offered the house wine which was not that chilled but then eventually got chilled 🙂 The heavy meal was then complemented by the banana milanese (not to sweet but deliciously prepared) and to lighten our taste buds was the passion fruit mousse. It felt like it was my last meal (thank God it wasn’t) because it is just perfect to match our holiday mood!

by the way, they were also very generous to serve at least a kilo of fresh tomato which my son loved!:) This restaurant is not only for adults, children loved their food as well!

To sum it all up, it’s a great value for money! tasteful barbecue! fresh and well prepared from the vegetables, fruits and meat not to mention the good line-up of staff!
Kudos to the Au Lac Saigon Team!