Ms. Rachaeljean13

This gets five stars only because of the meat, it was just so amazingly delicious!! After living two years in Southeast Asia sometimes you need to splurge to get some proper red meat, and this was the place to do it! Some of the cuts of beef were melt in your mouth delicious! OK, the side dishes weren’t great but we weren’t there for them! Best beef I’ve had in Asia, by far.
The only downside (other than the side dishes) was the service. It could have been better. I don’t know if it was just the way our table was positioned or if they didn’t like us, but a few times the waiters would skip our table and we would have to wave them down to come over with the cuts of meat we wanted. It was a bit annoying. The waiters were very friendly though, so I think it was just the where our table was 😛