About us

Attractive pricing of this concept is representing great value for money and to encourage repeat business, which is focusing on meat lovers and cannot be achieved from a normal “a la carte” restaurant.

The service style at ALDB (Au Lac do Brazil) is well known around the World and becoming increasingly popular since our 2003 opening here in Vietnam. In “Rodizio” style, professional trained meat cutters called “Passadores” come directly to diners at their tables and carve off succulent slices of your favorite items from large sword like skewers brought hot from the BBQ.

All ALDB restaurants feature both “A la carte menu” and “All you can eat buffet”. The A la carte menu is changed seasonally to bring guests the quality food at a reasonable price.

Using custom – made grilling equipments and imported ingredients, the chefs at the restaurant have tweaked the Brazilian cuisine to suit the local palate but still retain the authentic Brazilian flavor.

At ALDB, our priority is to provide our guests with quality food. To ensure this, we import the freshest possible products and process all meats directly at the open kitchen to assure our customers of its quality. The salad menu and hot dishes are changed every week and according to season to ensure that even our regular customers are constantly delighted by out menu/

We also offer an extensive drink list ofjuices, special cocktails especially Caipirinha – a national cocktail from Brazil. What is notable is our extensive offering of Chilean red wine for its earthy palate that pairs perfectly with grilled meat and ALDB Churrascaria cuts.


Standard of service of Churrasco’s: Meat cutter placing skewer with meat guest’s preference with communication of meat cutter, about size of sliced, thickness and area of meat. Guest can indicate his/her choice verbally or just showing area of meat, using personal meat cutlery /tongs/ – which is part of standard set up.

Rodizio service style symbolized as well chips with two colors indicate speed of service or finished whole Churrasco dinner; with green side of chip on table costumers indicate continuing service from staff & meat cutter; with turning on red side indicating break or end of dinner.

And, our large and premium wine cellar is filled with wines from around the World. Due to popular demand and it is perfect match to our Churrasco meat cuts, we recommend guests choose from one of our Chilean wine options. Sepecially chosen by owner Stromler, they are all of a specific taste, flavor, and texture to compliment the food and maximize your dining experience.