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Au Lac Do Brazil

Au Lac Do Brazil – nhà hàng đầu tiên tại Việt Nam phục vụ các loại thịt BBQ theo phong cách truyền thống của Brazil .
Xuất hiện tại Sài Gòn với hơn 10 năm, Au Lac Do Brazil từ lâu đã là điểm đến quen thuộc của những người say mê khám phá và thưởng thức nền ẩm thực đặc trưng và mới mẻ. Au Lac Do Brazil nổi tiếng với thực đơn Churasco đa dạng theo phong cách Rodizzio truyền thống. Theo tiếng Bồ Đào Nha, Churrasco có nghĩa là các loại thịt nướng , và Rodizio – một kiểu phục vụ truyền thống của Brazil. Tại đây, thực khách có thể thỏa thích thưởng thức không giới hạn đủ các loại thịt , và những “passador” chuyên nghiệp , vui tính và thân thiện của ALDB sẽ đến từng bàn, với những xiên thịt nướng vàng ruộm trên tay, cắt từng thớ thịt mềm ruội, thơm ngon theo yêu cầu của mỗi thực khách.

Mr. Joshua RolandoMr. Joshua RolandoThe New Hanoian Vietnam
Au Lac has an excellent range of both meat and wine. The food is absolutely perfect, with the meats coming until you're unable to pack any more in. Their wine selection will complement any combination of food you decide upon and is reasonably priced by the bottle (for a restaurant).The interior is brightly colored and well-lit, which helps provide a ...

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Mr. Colinsands99Mr. Colinsands99Trip Advisor
“Meat lovers will love it"Over time it has got a bit expensive (relative to prices in Saigon - still cheap if you come from overseas). Best to go in a large group as more fun - be prepared to eat a lot of meat - service is always good and the food is delicious - its the same system as ...

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Mr. Chuckpal Mr. Chuckpal Trip Advisor
“THE BEST Brazillian churrascaria in VietnamThe best - search no more, when in sgn. I have been to the famous churrascaria's in South America as well as the US, this ranks in the top 5. No doubt. Highly recommend it. You will have zero regrets.

Ms. Almira CatadaMs. Almira CatadaTrip Advisor
“Best Meat and Best BBQ in town!”I have been living in Vietnam since September 2012 with my husband and my son. We were visited by my brother-in-law and his girlfriend for the Labour day holiday. Since we would like to make their visit a memorable one, we decided to have a flavourful and heavy lunch in one of the finest ...

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Mr Ranger152 Mr Ranger152 Trip Advisor
“Nice environment”Nice environment and very nice servers but average food. Food starts with greasy meat so you feel full even before you go to the second meal. It is kind of buffet but you don't have to go and chose your food, food is served to the tables.

Ms. Rachaeljean13 Ms. Rachaeljean13 Trip Advisor
“Delicious!”This gets five stars only because of the meat, it was just so amazingly delicious!! After living two years in Southeast Asia sometimes you need to splurge to get some proper red meat, and this was the place to do it! Some of the cuts of beef were melt in your mouth delicious! OK, the side dishes weren't great but ...

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Mr il_Mars_81Mr il_Mars_81Trip Advisor
“Good steakhouse, even if a bit expensive”Meat is very good! You can choose between many dishes, the service is good and restaurant is very big (not too crowded, there's no need to book).Just price is quite high... For a dinner in 2 people, it's easy to spend around 1,000,000 VND; anyway, the quality and service are very good!

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Mr. bohobo Mr. bohobo Trip Advisor
“Exceptional - A meat lovers paradise!”Quite possibly my favourite restaurant. Anywhere. The food was sensational. For those not familiar with the whole Churrasco thing - endless skewers of perfectly cooked meats, various succulent cuts of steak & beef, lamb, sausages, chicken, king prawns accompanied by side salad and various sauces to accompany each meat. They even throw in a tasty ...

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Mr. Tracy Mr. Tracy Trip Advisor
“Expensive but truly amazing”If you are happy to pay a westn price at least one night out in Saigon this place is great. Awesome atmosphere and amazing food, we had the set menu and the incredible meat on skewers just kept on coming and coming, wow!

Mr. NatiBoy Mr. NatiBoy Trip Advisor
“Great Meat, Great Service...Carnivores welcomed!”I rate places based on what they are...if you want an excellent selection of meats that come as often as you'd like, this place is fantastic. I am always cautious about meat in VN, but this place put me at ease. From the beginnin we had a great table with great service and best of all ...

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Mr. Chuck1919 Mr. Chuck1919 Trip Advisor
“Best food out side of brazil”I took my wife and friends out for dinner. She ate more then I did. Funny thing is she is a 110 pound Vietnamese girl. But man great food and wine there it's a must go. Today is 1/1/2012 and I'm going back for 2nd time with new friends Trip Advisor
What we say:For a meat feast served up with professionalism and decent wine, head to Au Lac Do Brazil.There are better places in town if you're after a simple decent steak, but for a fixed price here you'll get as much beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and sides as you can squeeze in -- and the beef is still very ...

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Recognized as one of the Top Performing Business in the City .Recognized as one of the Top Performing Business in the City .
F&B Business Brand in Vietnam F&B Business Brand in Vietnam Top ten F&B Business Brand in Vietnam
Guide Magazine Guide Magazine Excellent Performance Category 2004 - 2012
TRIPADVISOR TRIPADVISOR Certificate of Excellence 2013 Winner

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Ăn trưa: 11h – 14h (Kết thúc đặt bàn: 13h)
Ăn tối: 17h – trễ (Kết thúc đặt bàn: 21h)
Từ thứ 2 đến Chủ Nhật


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12:00 Sáng Thứ Ba - 23 Tháng Một 2018

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Au Lac do Brazil

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